Sunday, February 24, 2013

Curve Campaign

I understand the sentiment behind "Real Women Have Curves".  It is meant to empower women and let them know that their body is normal and that what they see in magazines isn't necessarily something to dream of.  I get that it is meant to impart self-esteem and confidence of women with all body types.  However, I think the images and catch phrases that go along with it are missing the point on two major levels.

1) The alienation and associated self-esteem issues that curvier women feel is a universal feeling among women.  By choosing to market "curvy" as real is essentially doing exactly what was done to you to women of other body types: alienating them and making them feel like crap about their body.  In the same way that you can't control how hippy you are or how big your butt is (well, to some degree we can!), skinny women can not control how flat-chested they are or how bony their butts are.  Why market yourself as "real" and make them feel like shit about their body in the mean time?  Why can't everyone be "real"?  Being curvy doesn't make you any more real.

2) Much of this campaign screams to me that curvy women actually want rebrand themselves... not for themselves, but for men! It's quite mind-boggling.  I thought the whole idea of moving away from images of "sexy women in magazines" was to show society that a woman's body is mostly different from that airbrushed outcome we often see in the media.  However, it's turned into "oh no, don't make them the sex object... make me the sex object!!! See, you can put your hands on me in better places cause I have more!!! Pick me, pick me!!" It's ridiculous.  Our bodies do not exist to please men, so why are you rebranding yourself as a sex object?

The image below is a perfect example. It's basically saying "don't go for me for what I offer as a person. Pick me based on my body! You can't possibly like that skinny girl you are with for anything other than a preconceived notion and media-construed subconscious implanted in you as to what makes a woman sexy.  If you were a real man you would be superficial and pick only women who would be fun to have sex with!"

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Kell Andrews said...

Thanks for this post too. This is a pet peeve of mine as a formerly slight (now average-sized) women. All kinds of women are real women. All kinds of bodies are beautiful. You don't even need to born female to be real woman!