Thursday, October 11, 2012

Engagement Rings

I saw this link while reading a HuffPo article and it got me thinking...

We live in a world now where women now outnumber men in college and although women still only earn around 80% of what men make, women ARE having careers and working, thus making money.  It really just tickles me silly when someone who is as successful as Jennifer Aniston still needs to be wooed with a HUGE (emphasis theirs) engagement ring (not saying she does, necessarily).

Here's the thing....

Engagement rings make sense to me when placed in a historical context.  Women could not work for a HUGE (emphasis mine) part of our history as a species.  They were relegated to the house and were owned by their fathers as children prior to being owned by their husbands as bearers of their own children.  So at that point, it made sense that a monetary token was used to show the woman and the woman's family that she was going to be in good hands; this man had money or a way to earn money and she would fare well under his care.

But in modern society, I really don't fucking understand the point of it.  If someone can help me out, I would be grateful.  Some say it is just romantic, but I think they are confusing "I pictured this when I was little because of societal norms" with "this man is showing me that he loves me"... there is a big distinction.

Anyways, putting an expensive piece of jewelry on your finger as a "token of someone's love" seems degrading to me at this point.  It seems to say that 1) you can not afford to support yourself and 2) the only way to show you I love you is through purely economic means. Can someone prove me wrong? (I'm open to changing my mind here...)


Anonymous said...

No i can't prove you wrong. You are correct.

John said...

This era when women were owned by husbands and father pre-dates the modern tradition of the engagement ring.

If anything, the engagement ring is a product of women's liberation and an expression of their ability to wield power in these decisions.

Getting a big rock shows the financial strength of the man as a marriage prospect. I'm glad to see women are embracing the fact that this is really a wasteful, outdated idea.